Cloth diapering first time? Here’s all you need to know!

I am sharing my superbottoms experience here. This goes for all other brands as well.

Cloth diapers, though are a bit expensive and a lot of maintenance, I always prefer them over disposable diapers. Atleast, I can sleep without the fear of my baby getting diaper rashes!

I am a superbottoms user and I am so satisified with their products and their customer service. A group of voluntary moms help out other new moms in their cloth diapering journey and that turns out to be the coolest customer service (Mommy service, I would say)

Baby wearing superbottoms UNO Save our Seas

So, let’s have a look at what superbottoms UNO 2.0 is all about!

I am not a brand ambassodor for superbottoms. I am just a mom who missed so many things when I cloth diapered my baby and learnt things on the go lately. Sharing my experience here to make things easier for new moms here.

What makes the diaper?

The UNO 2.0 has a waterproof outer cover with cute prints. There’s a main pad inside which we can add a booster pad or a very heavy wetter booster pad (for heavy wetters and during winter). You will also need a easy clean top sheet which comes in 3 different colors as a pack of 6 or pack of 12.

The UNO comes in 2 different sizes. Newborn UNO and Freesize UNO. My favorite prints are Pixie dust and Good cat-titude ;)

What to buy?

When you buy a UNO, it comes with the outer cover and main dry feel pad. We need to buy boosters and top sheets additionally. Boosters are optional to start with. The top sheets are mandatory for easy poop cleaning ( will talk more about it later)

The main pad alone gives two to three hours of protection depending on the wetting pattern of your baby. For younger babies, who wake up every two hours, this would work well. You will need booster pads when baby starts sleeping longer and you don’t want to wake up a sleeping baby for diaper change. Booster pad gives 8 hours protection (again varies depending on how the baby wets). So you can go for booster pads once you are comfortable with cloth diapering.


At first I never knew what to do and what not to do. But later when I learnt about the maintenance, its already late and my diapers got damaged a bit.

It might be overwhelming at the beginning but you will get a hold of it eventually.

  1. There are two stages of cleaning. Prewash and mainwash. I use LG frontload washing machine with quick30 + prewash which sums up to 40 mins. You can soak in detergent for 10 mins, rinse and then soak for another 15 to 20 mins in detergent for handwash. Both washes are required for deep cleaning.
  2. Dont use very high temparature since it might damage the cotton fabric.
  3. Comfort or dettol is a big NO.
  4. Surfexcel powder, Tide powder and Amway Sa8 liquid are recommended. No other liquid detergents are recommended since it might form a layer on top and inhibit the absorbency. You can also use laundry sheets from superbottoms.
  5. Sundry not more than 2 hrs since it might damage the fabric.
  6. Just run a warm water clean up in washing machine every month to remove any detergent buildup.
  7. Using brush might damage the fabric.
  8. Never leave wet diapers in a closed box. Leave it open until you wash them the next day. That’s where the easy clean top sheets come into place. Because, it’s enough to wash the top sheet alone in case of poop and hence, the main sheet doesn’t stay wet due to washing until the next day.
  9. I usually go for disposable ones during long travels and for short one day trips, I use cloth diapers. To store soiled diapers without mess and smell, I use superbottoms waterproof bags and reversible waterproof bags.

One more tip: Chat with superbuddy and get your doubts cleared before purchasing one. You could also ask for any affiliate code if available which could save you some penny! Also, check for deals and buying during sale time is worth which I only realised too late!

Happy cloth diapering!



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