The other side of village life!

Love for villages is there all over the world. People prefer spending their vacation in villages. The weather, the scenery, the nature, the hustlefreeness, the calmness etc attract people towards villages.


I also had the same impression until I had to lead my life in a village. There are a lot of things which made me think, “People like this still exist”. Let me list out a few things.

  1. It’s not rare to wakeup hearing loud quarrels between a group of people in the street. Your ears can’t escape the bad local words used by them.

2. You can’t go anywhere unseen. Once you step out, you will have questions shot out through out your way like, “Where are you going now?”, “If you make a phone call you can get it delivered to your doorstep”, “Are you going there, just for a tea?”, “What is your mom doing?”, “Who were the guests who visited that day?”, and even more silly questions which make you think, what the hell are they going to do with your answeres!

3. Morning walks will not be pleasant just with your headphones ON. The roadsides are toilets for many before dawn.

4. You can find people in a street sitting at their doors on evenings and starts rumours.

5. Children and kids roam outside without dress sometimes ;) and their language, manners and behaviour resembles a 60 year old one.

I have just mentioned the frequent happenings that came to my mind. Though there are positive aspects you can enjoy in a village, leading a life, growing a child, etc becomes difficult there in a village. So I personally believe, villages might be enjoyable only for vacations.



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