Things to remember in a Relationship- Part I

Do you think someone can read your mind? Even your clone can’t, unless he is watching a live telecast of what is happening in your mind. No one knows what you have in your mind, unless you tell it. So, don’t expect your partner to understand you, without telling them what you feel.

Accept the fact that both of you will never have the same opinions, ideas, thoughts, etc. No two humans in the world can.

Put your mind open. Don’t imagine how your partner will react for a scenario before it happens, just based on how they reacted in the past for similar scenarios. People react based on a lot of factors like the current mood, other thoughts running in their mind, their physical health, time, other plans, etc. You cannot expect your partner to behave in a way you have imagined.

Still, if you want a scenario to happen in a way you want, then frankly tell your partner what you expect and how you want them to behave. This is far better than having everything in your mind and getting upset. Your partner will sure understand you if you frankly talk what you want from him.

There is no mirror to anyone’s mind

Another important thing to keep in mind is, your partner need not remember everything you have already told them. Its okay to keep reminding them everytime. I would like to tell an example here. In a restuarant, few people prefer sitting in the opposite seat facing their partner and few people like sitting next to their partner. Imagine, you always prefer sitting next to your partner, but your partner always sits in the opposite seat. Now, you are telling him to sit near you and he switched seats. The next time you visit a restuarant, he again sits in the opposite seat, because he is habituated to it. Only if you tell him again, he will switch seats.

Here you should not expect them to remember what you said the previous time. You can tell them everytime. You will only get what you seek for.

The main thing I would like to emphasize is, keeping something in mind and wanting the other person to find it is the first thing that ruins a smooth relationship. Only when you openly speak out what you want and what you think, the relationship will be smooth without misunderstanding.

Be flexible. There is no formula for a relationship. Just go with the flow. Don’t stand rigid anywhere because of the false boundaries you set for yourself.



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